We believe that everyone has the ability to be better. Wherever you are in your health journey, improvement is possible.

We recognise the self-healing and self-regulating capacity that all humans possess. Through our gentle chiropractic care that incorporates hands-on adjusting in conjunction with healthy lifestyle advice we are excited to have a positive impact on as many individuals and families as possible.

 We provide tailored chiropractic care that is gentle (or more firm if requested).  Our techniques are suitable for all ages from newborn through to great grandparent. We adapt our techniques dependent on the age and size of the person. We measure changes regularly through our in-house computerised technology.

We pride ourselves on integrity and honesty. We will always recommend what we believe to be the best possible recommendations to allow you to experience greater wellbeing. If we feel we can not help you, our obligation is to let you know and help you find the help that you need.


Chiropractic Care

Seeing a wide range of our community: Family, Sports, Pregnancy and Kids

Massage & Myotherapy

Both Remedial Massage and Myotherapy to compliment your care

Computerised Technology

We use the latest technology to assess the state of your spine and nervous system

SD Dominance Certified

Certified practitioners of the Sympathetic Dominance Protocol

In-house Wellness Workshops

Providing a wide range of Workshops for patients to get the best out of their care & health

Corporate Wellness Programs

Tailoring Workshops to help businesses maximise efficiency with healthier staff


Dr. Andrew Ziakas

Chloe Cunningham

Evelyn Kronk
Office Manager

Michelle Graham
Chiropractic Assistant

Emma Kennedy
Chiropractic Assistant


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Got Back Pain? Try This

It’s not uncommon for low back pain patients to reduce their activities in an effort to avoid their pain. Unfortunately, it’s likely their core muscles—the muscles that help support their midsection—will become deconditioned over time due to inactivity,  This may only increase the risk of further injury. To improve one’s…

The Cause of Most Headaches

I wanted to talk about the connection between chiropractic and the treatment of headaches. Though thousands of different triggers can cause headaches, one thing is certain—they happen for a reason.  A headache is the body’s way of telling you something isn’t right.  What's  causing the headache doesn’t always originate in…

Chronic Back Pain? Help is at Hand

  As part of Spinal Health Week 2017, we are raising awareness of chronic back pain and encouraging Australians to seek help. Spinal Health Week runs from 22 to 28 May and this year we are encouraging people to seek help for chronic back problems. Chronic back pain is a…

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